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8 November 2011

Listening: To my Latin Guitar station on Pandora.

Smelling: The banana bread (made from on-sale fair-trade fruit from Ecuador) cooling down in the kitchen.

Tasting: Ban-cha tea. Toasted green tea, mmmmm.

Seeing: The gray, cold winter precipitation moving through. (Cold rain, right now, but should be turning to snow this evening.)

Feeling: The warmth of the pashmina shawl my parents gave me across my back and shoulders. (The magic of silk, ahhhhh.)

Promising: That better posts will come soon. I’m working through some issues that are making me very angry, but I need to let things settle before I can write without using vulgarity.



Short today – don’t even bother

7 November 2011

The Monday of Standard Time is tough. You probably woke up early because your internal clock was still on Savings Time, and now here it is evening (or night, as your body thinks it is).

So I am struggling to stay awake, hoping that 9:30 comes soon (in a minute, in a minute) so I can get today’s Sudoku from the NYT site. That should help me make it to 10 pm, when I can justifiably call it a night.

Today I am:

6 November 2011


I cast on for my curent project on Thursday. Friday evening and Saturday I chugged along, getting a handle on the four different stitch patterns as I went. Today, after a couple more hours of knitting, I had 4 inches of the bodice completed — enough that I could transfer the knitting to scrap yarn and try it on. Just to get a sense of how things were coming together.

Wellllllll, despite knitting a gauge swatch, it seems that the bodice as knit from the measurements I have is way too big.

So I will un-knit (frog) the 7,000 stitches I’ve spent the last few days knitting, and begin again.

A quiet Saturday night

5 November 2011


… and a movie…

Win Win

(Seems you can’t embed this trailer. How lame — but the movie was really good!)

I am not missing one on day 4, for crying out loud!

4 November 2011

So, what would you do if you were making a left turn at an intersection, a busy intersection in your neighborhood on one corner of which stands a church where all sorts of in-need programs are held, particularly an after-school program for at-risk youth, and you noticed a long, thin knife in the middle of the road?

Oh, and the light is changing, against your favor.

Well, if you’re me, you stop your car in the middle of the road, put on your hazard lights, get out and pick that motherfracker up.

It’s still in the car. I suppose I should just toss it.

Damed if I do

3 November 2011

We’re having a computer shortage in this house right now. (I know, boo hoo, First World problem.) Normally, I have my laptop (the oldest Mac in the house — can’t handle Office X, that’s how old), we have the big desktop iMac in the living room, and the Consort has both the laptop he bought to replace the university-owned one that was stolen, and the replacement one the university got him (three years after the theft [don’t ask — I don’t understand it, either]).

Usually the girls share the extra laptop and the iMac. Not without groaning and moaning — nobody likes a desktop chaining you to a particular spot and an uncomfortable chair. Lately, with both of them competing in Debate, and evidence and “flows” migrating to electronic versions (this is a good thing — in previous years, we were killing a 300-ft sequoia every month with their amount of paper usage), there has been high demand for the extra laptop. I’ve offered my laptop for those weekends that both girls are competing, and that was a fine stopgap measure.

This week, though, both of the Consort’s computers are being held for ransom in the IT department. I have no idea how there can be so many incompetent IT personnel in one place (wait, I know: they “retired” the older guys who actually knew what they were doing and replaced them with younger, cheaper, and dumber dime-a-dozen guys), but they’re there — so an update that should have taken 3 hours tops is now on Day 3. This is also a prep-heavy week for Debate, so I have transferred the project I am currently working on to the iMac and have given up my laptop for the duration.

I’m pretty persnickety about my computer’s desktop. It can be messy, but it’s my mess. On the iMac, it’s everybody’s mess. And what a mess! There are files all over the place, some are over one year old and they haven’t been organized or tossed. I don’t want to move any of them, because there is the off-chance I would get rid of something urgently needed for this week’s competition. This means that when I sit down to work, I see a file called “grindin guides.doc”, which I am sure is some technical term but to me sounds like a description of nasty dancing moves; another one that shouts at me to PLEASE REMIND ME TO KEEP THI…ENCE.doc; and a music file called Damed If I Do.m4a. I know it’s a typo, but I keep asking myself, what exactly does it mean to be damed? Is it film noir talk for a less-than-manly guy? Is is what happens when one of those ladies takes advantage of you and gets you to take a case you really shouldn’t have gotten involved in?

Turns out, it means this.

Pumpkin scones

2 November 2011

What better way to celebrate the beginning of the autumn season than with something pumpkin-y on Samhain? And it would count as our  Monday cake, too! I originally went looking for a pumpkin biscuit recipe (I knew I didn’t want something overly sweet). That was a bust, but I did find a VERY successful pumpkin scone recipe on the King Arthur Flour blog.

I used to visit that blog on a regular basis, but most King Arthur recipes are too sugar-intense for me, so I took it off my Reader list a while ago.

Substitutions: I used some frozen Hubbard squash I had prepared last fall (if it ain’t freezer-burned, I’ll use it) instead of pumpkin, and I only had skim milk for brushing instead of cream. I didn’t make a cinnamon topping, just used some Sugar in the Raw I had on hand.

Did I mention they were successful? Everybody loved them — and made sure I knew they thought it was delicious (I think that meant they want me to make it again…). I notice that these can be made ahead of time and kept frozen, to be baked right when you want them. I think I just might do that. Especially since the recipe recommends popping the scones in the freezer before baking anyway (the rise sure was stupendous).

Sorry I don’t have pictures — they were gobbled up too quickly.