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Pumpkin scones

2 November 2011

What better way to celebrate the beginning of the autumn season than with something pumpkin-y on Samhain? And it would count as our  Monday cake, too! I originally went looking for a pumpkin biscuit recipe (I knew I didn’t want something overly sweet). That was a bust, but I did find a VERY successful pumpkin scone recipe on the King Arthur Flour blog.

I used to visit that blog on a regular basis, but most King Arthur recipes are too sugar-intense for me, so I took it off my Reader list a while ago.

Substitutions: I used some frozen Hubbard squash I had prepared last fall (if it ain’t freezer-burned, I’ll use it) instead of pumpkin, and I only had skim milk for brushing instead of cream. I didn’t make a cinnamon topping, just used some Sugar in the Raw I had on hand.

Did I mention they were successful? Everybody loved them — and made sure I knew they thought it was delicious (I think that meant they want me to make it again…). I notice that these can be made ahead of time and kept frozen, to be baked right when you want them. I think I just might do that. Especially since the recipe recommends popping the scones in the freezer before baking anyway (the rise sure was stupendous).

Sorry I don’t have pictures — they were gobbled up too quickly.

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