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The Girls Thought I Was Making a Very Poor Choice, BTW (We’ve raised them well)

12 April 2011

This book project is kicking my butt. I’ve got things under control now, but I still have much less free time than I’d had over the winter. Sure, over the winter things were unexpectedly light (I lost one of my favorite projects, boo) and I got used to having two to three hours of free time every afternoon. I would spend that time streaming TV shows on Netflix while knitting. But now? Now that’s all gone, and I’m at my desk until 5 most nights and I work several hours each weekend day, just to keep on top of things. Heck, I walked more (45-60 minutes a day) in January (in below-freezing temps) than I have in the past month (I think the tally is zero minutes a day this month).

Which has meant that my completely reasonable health goal of losing 20 pounds by the time of our summer family reunion trip (so, about 20 pounds in 20 weeks) fell by the wayside. And my weight crept up to 5 pounds more than I was on January 1. (It was all the chocolate and baked goods I used to relieve stress, and, yes, some of it was pre-empting the stress, rather than relieving it — I admit it).

I’ve re-defined success for this summer’s goal. Now, I just want to be lower than I’ve been for a while — maybe 10 (OK, in my heart, I’m hoping 15) pounds lighter. And although it’s true that I need to energize the physical activity, my eating habits were out of control. Giving myself rules like, “no seconds!” or “desserts only on Monday nights!” wasn’t working.

One of the bloggers I regularly visit has been praising Dr. Junger’s Clean Program (I’m not linking because it’s only been 3 days, so who knows what will happen long-term; but it’s the program Gwyneth Paltrow cheerleads for). This blogger documented what it was like, what she was feeling, and so I got the book. Most of it is blah blah that I read but haven’t absorbed completely. The gist is: 21 days to break your addictions to bad foods, reset your body’s immune system, and clean out any allergens (this program is heavy on food allergies, which I don’t think is a big deal for me). Two liquid meals a day and one solid meal (eaten at lunch time). Lots and lots (and lots!) of fluids — mostly water.

Now, we eat all meals together, it’s a cornerstone of our family life. And the Consort and I share cooking responsibilities, so I knew that doing a program like this would mean a bit more work for me. I kept pushing off the start date, but then I decided that because there was never going to be an ideal time to make such a commitment, I might as well just suck it up and do it.

Well, I’ve completed three days, and the most significant thing I have noticed is how not hungry I feel. I expected the first few days to be rough, but it turned out to be, mmm, not so much. Sometimes in the evening my mouth will feel hungry, but that’s mostly boredom — you know what I mean? I have had no growly stomach, no light-headedness, no crankiness. And I am finding it easier to avoid all the foods around me (in the past I would often weaken just knowing that there was some crunchy peanut butter down in the kitchen, “just a snack”; or getting a forkful of leftovers when I passed through the kitchen, “just a nibble”). Last night was my night to cook; I made chili and cornbread (cornbread!), and had no desire to eat any of it — my green smoothie suited me just fine.

I should mention that I only committed myself to one week (the author states that the ideal is three weeks, but that if you get to one week your first time, you should be happy with that). I can always extend it if I want, but I won’t be setting myself up for failure that way (Easter two weeks away, and I DON’T want to miss that!).

Aaaaaand, I know this won’t continue long-term, and I know most of it is because I allowed myself to go a bit overboard on Saturday (knowing the cleanse would begin the next day), but I’ve lost 5 pounds. (Sweet!)

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  1. Three of Four permalink
    14 April 2011 8:45 am

    Wow! Yay for you! I hope that it continues well for you.

    How comprehensive are the shakes/liquid meals? I have friends that have lost a lot of weight on similar-sounding cleanses, but the diets and shakes didn’t include a lot of often-overlooked-but-still-important vitamins & minerals. Do you find that the shakes include everything you need?

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