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The draggy week that flew by

14 January 2011

This has seemed like an unusually slow and unproductive week. But at the same time, I can’t believe it’s already Friday!

Tuesday a man was coming from Mediacom to add us to the modern TV world of CABLE TELEVISION. He was a bit rushed, and I didn’t appreciate his zipadeedooda approach. Especially when our breaker kept flipping off and refusing to come back on. He told us to just kludge a fix and he’d be on his way. Hmmmm. We need to call in an electrician — that is one problem with having a 100-year-old house that probably has had questionnable electrical work done to it.

I want to explain that the only reason we’re getting cable is because our favorite fantasy series EVER (A Song of Ice and Fire, by George RR Martin) is being made into an HBO series for release this spring. Impera has been following the fan pages online about its production, and because HBO has become the producer of some quality television, we decided we’d subscribe to cable. We don’t have HBO yet, we’ll add that to our bill once the series is closer to airdate; but our cable company was offering a good deal on bundled internet/cable/telephone service right now. (I’m still feeling ambivalent about the monthly cost and the fact that we now have CABLE. With HUNDREDS OF STATIONS at our fingertips. Yeeeesh.)

The Consort had reconstructive ACL and meniscus surgery on Wednesday, and I had meant to blog from the surgery center (they had wi-fi — terribly slow, but existant). Because this was a surgery center and not a hospital, there was no cafeteria. So, no lunch for me! But the place did have a snack room, which they had labeled the “Nourishment” room. Except that I don’t really count a Pepsi machine and a pretzel and cookie vending machine as offering me much nourishment.

Thursday the Consort wasn’t able to concentrate on anything for very long (those narcotics really play a number on your functioning), so he got to know our new cable system very well. And seems to have become addicted to Veronica Mars, some silly Buffy-the-Vampire-Slayer wannabe-(Without-the-Vampires) television show.

Today I didn’t get any work done at all — the Consort got to take his first shower since the surgery (when you consider that the only bathroom in the house has a clawfoot tub [think tall, and difficult to get in and out] you may be able to imagine the difficulty in his taking a safe shower and the concurrent stress I experienced during this activity), the painkillers have starting wearing off so he feels drained and in more pain, and having to switch out his ice pack every 2 hours seems to take more of my time than I would have imagined. A brief visit out to the physical therapist tuckered him out, and I haven’t found any energy to consider pulling out the laptop for anything other than surfing the Web.

I want to clear out the fridge tonight, so I’m thinking tortilla soup or tortellini soup. Either one sounds good to me, and neither requires much prepping of ingredients. Perfect!

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  1. 15 January 2011 8:47 pm

    We, too, are eagerly awaiting the SOIAF miniseries and have been dissecting the news updates, trailers, and publicity photos with friends. So far, though, we’ve managed to resist the siren call of HBO and will probably rely on the hospitality of friends who have it.

    My husband LOVED “Veronica Mars” and recently got me to watch it. I thought it was very well written and had some interesting ideas, but I found it too emotionally draining to watch so I stopped after about five episodes. Are you watching it with the Consort? I think it is very “Buffy”-esque in spirit. It’s not nearly as good as “Buffy,” but about a gazillion times better than “Angel.”

  2. 20 January 2011 9:02 am

    Tortilla soup or tortellini soup? Just like that? Goddess.

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