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A turtle comes to call

4 June 2010

Our neighbors told me there was a turtle walking down the street. Because we are those crazy people who have *chickens* in the city, we are the ones they come tell anything weird dealing with wildlife.

I found it wandering on the sidewalk right outside our house. The poor guy was probably parched and on the way to getting squashed crossing the street — so I gave him food and shelter. Well first I just stuck him in a bucket with some water and a stone, added in a leaf of lettuce, and then left; I had been out the door to run some errands when this whole thing happened.

Zephyr was oh so curious about this.
Zephyr checking out the turtle

The turtle did not appreciate this nosy dog, and hissed at her each time she got too close.
"Ugh! That thing is weird!"

Poor Zephyr, all she wanted to do was sniff its butt!
"What does it smell like?"

After some scientific observation…
"What's it doing in there?"

…and some google searching, I’m pretty sure this is a painted turtle.
Looks like a Painted Turtle to me!

Trixie really wants to keep it and call it Spike. The guy at the pet store says he thinks it’s probably a wild one. My sister-in-law, who knows lots about all sorts of pets, says that turtles “home in” on their home pond, so if we release it, it will try to go home and inevitably get run over by a car. The Consort’s colleague says we should release it at the big lake in town, because painteds like nice and deep water (so we’d need a big aquarium to keep it happy).

Plus, I’d want to name it Matilda.

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  1. 5 June 2010 9:59 am

    Better have someone sex that turtle before naming it. Turtles just might have very delicate psyches that could be seriously damaged by being saddled with the wrong name. You wouldn’t want to be responsible for that, now would you?

  2. isabelita permalink
    5 June 2010 9:21 pm

    It’s a very pretty turtle. There are a bunch of red-eared sliders down at our local lake, and when the sun comes out, they line up on these partially submerged logs, in order of size.
    I hope you find a haven for Spike/Matilda…

  3. 7 June 2010 11:25 am

    I love turtles. You’ll figure out what’s best, I’m sure.

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