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Irresolutely Into the Future

31 December 2009

Resolutions, Schmesolutions

Last year I did one of those year in review posts, which was fun, but also included some resolutions for 2009. I won’t link to that post (you can go find it yourself, I’m sure), because even without refreshing my memory, I’m pretty sure this was a resolutionFAIL year. Don’t believe me? One of the items weighing heavy on my heart was the resolution to paint all the closets in the house. Many of you scoffed (including the Consort!), so I just. didn’t. accomplish. it. Simply because it didn’t seem like a good idea to the rest of you. The spirit is willing but the spirit is weak. And I can think of at least one other big FAIL, one which I have FAILed at for the past 15 years or so. (*Sigh*, just another notch to add to my FAILbelt, I suppose.)

But that’s OK, because I think 2009 is the year that I have started to get the hang of living with teens (not that I’m always very good at it, but I am getting better. [And this isn’t to say that I like it, either — I don’t want them to be the independent forward-looking adults I thought I wanted them to be. But it’s too late now, and I can only work at having them still like me over the rest of our lives.])

I also think I’ve eased into my forties pretty well. I’m rather liking them, to be honest. (Good thing, since I don’t really have a choice!)

I still have a ways to go, exercise and eating-wise, but I feel more confident in making the right choices, and seeing a path that I can make through 2010.


Book List

I read 22 books this year — worse than I hoped, but better than I worried it would be. KathyR and Middleager both did little recaps, so here’s my top four (that’s the top 20%) list (you can read all the mini-reviews on my Books Read 2009 page).

  • Cloud Atlas (David Mitchell)
  • Old Filth (Jane Gardam)
  • The Year of the Flood (Margaret Atwood)
  • American Prometheus [Oppenheimer biography] (Kai Bird and Martin J. Sherwin)

The memorable ones I didn’t finish or will never pick up again:

Gomorrah (Roberto Saviano) and the Sookie Stackhouse series (Charlaine Harris). We don’t get HBO, and the True Blood series has intrigued me since the pre-series posters I saw everywhere around New York City back in 2008. So many people raved about how much better the Sookie Stackhouse novels were — how relationships are more fleshed out, and the conflicts less unidimensional. Ummm, excuse me? This book (#1) was all about the sex. And call me a prude, but I have never enjoyed reading about nonconsensual encounters between partners (same reason I could never get into the Diana Gabaldon books).


  • We bought our house six months into this decade, and we’ve lived in the same place for almost ten years (even if you count the sabbatical year — it would round up).
  • That’s the longest I’ve stayed put in one place my adult life, or even in my married life.
  • When this upcoming decade is over, both girls will be adults and out of college. That is scary.
  • When this upcoming decade is over, I will be in my fifties. That is scary, too.
  • But I’ve only been in the forties for 23 months, so I’m sure I will look forward to the fifties once I’m closer to them (a wise saying I read somewhere said, it’s not like I have a choice! [Oh, wait, was that just a few paragraphs ago, up there?]).
  • I never liked calling September eleventh “nine-eleven”, so I’m not sure I’m going to like calling next year “twenty-ten”. But I can think of no alternatives that I would prefer.
  • Politically and globally, I think of the 2000-2009 decade as the “Uh-Ohs”.
  • I’m pretty happy the Uh-Ohs are over.

Are you ready for the Teens? I am! Let’s jump in together!

4 Comments leave one →
  1. 1 January 2010 12:56 pm

    I’ve been in my fifties for the past nine years, and mostly they have been wonderful, kind of like the previous decade. Moving along through the Teens with your teens will be an accomplishment.
    Happy New Year!

  2. 2 January 2010 10:40 am

    My older brother is your age. It’s nice to know some 40-somethings and see that life actually does not end at 40. 😉

    I’m about a third of the way through Cloud Atlas and enjoying it.

  3. 2 January 2010 11:28 am

    I don’t like “nine-eleven” myself, either, and don’t say it.

  4. 5 January 2010 9:12 pm

    Happy new year! And as long as you don’t call it “oh-ten”, you’re fine.

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