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Mystery Socks 2009, Complete!

9 November 2009

Yes, yes — I’m about nine days late with these. But it’s all due to laziness on my part — these could certainly have been started, worked, and completed all in Socktober.

Mystery Sock 2009 : Fall socks

I worked both socks at the same time, but not using any fancy schmancy loop method, just setting one sock on holding needles while working the stitches on the other. Although I have never succumbed to Second Sock Syndrome, the second one does typically take longer to complete than the first, and it was good to work on the same part of both sock simultaneously; I’ll probably do this again when knitting socks.

The pattern (Ravelry link) was easy clear. The design kept things interesting through the five Thursdays of new clues.

Mystery Sock 2009 : Detail

I’ve gotten to the point that I am happy with the socks I knit: they aren’t too long in the foot, and they fit nice and snug on the recipient (even if that recipient is me!).

The one thing I still haven’t come to accept is that, no matter how pretty lace socks look, I think I prefer plain old ribbed socks for stay-up-ability. But I’ll wear these, with my red, holey felt slippers, and smile when I look down.

Mystery Sock 2009 : Complete

I really wanted to finish them yesterday, so I could get started on my next project, which I am currently enjoying simply by looking at the collected waves of yarn:

Colorful waves of yarn

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