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She’s Misplacing Her Pots

29 September 2009

Sounds much more realistic than “losing her marbles” (or its ever-more visible cousin, “loosing” her marbles), doesn’t it?

Now, I don’t really want this to become a new theme of this blog,* and in this case, I am not yet convinced that it is necessarily me who lost the pot, but nevertheless, we are missing one of our saucepans.

The Consort and I started with a set of Calphalon pots when we were married (thank you, friend of our parents!). We used the set for about 7 years, but then the pots started to lose their black coating and to expose the aluminum underneath. Convinced by research that showed aluminum to be related to Alzheimers (I am not the only one worried about this; in fact, the Consort is the third generation of men in his family to worry about losing one’s mind — I kid you not), we decided to retire that set and we purchased a cheaper, but just as useful, set that included a soup pot, two fry pans, a large paella-style pan, and three saucepans.

The smallest saucepan is ideal for making one or two servings of oatmeal, or hardboiling three or four eggs. The largest one is perfect for cooking up a batch of rice/quinoa/bulghur/couscous/etc. or making a quart of yogurt. The middle one? That’s the rarely used step-child. And now it is missing. I noticed it the other day, when I was reaching for the smallest pan, but only saw two pans hanging from the rack above the stove. I mentioned it to the Consort, but didn’t put any effort into finding it — clearly it must be around here somewhere, and I was busy preparing supper.

It has been a few days, now, and it hasn’t reappeared on the pot rack. Where the heck is it? Who would have taken it, and what would they have done with it? This isn’t like a mug (or two, or five) which finds its way up to my office and doesn’t get brought down. It isn’t a plate (or three, or six) which one of the girls brings up to her room for a snack and doesn’t return to the kitchen. It is a saucepan — whose only use is to hang on the pot rack and help me tell at a glance which is the largest pot and which is the smallest pot.

*And I wouldn’t have shared this silly story with you, except that I have a more serious topic I want to write about, but didn’t want to come back after a 12-day hiatus and start in with unpleasantness. So I’m posting this today, and will tackle the other topic tomorrow.

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  1. 29 September 2009 2:22 pm

    Yes, that’s quite, quite odd. I hope it turns up soon!

    I hope the unpleasantness isn’t too unpleasant xx

  2. 30 September 2009 6:59 am

    Out in the yard? Under the bed? In the garage? I’m running out of places to look……

  3. 30 September 2009 9:30 am

    When that happens to me, usually the Sage has put scraps in it to take out to the chickens and forgotten to put it back. Or else there’s some leftover soup or something in the fridge in it, and it’s so large that I don’t see it. I suppose you’ve asked the girls too?

  4. Diane permalink
    7 October 2009 1:49 pm

    I think the same person who stole a red fleece top from me five years ago has struck again…only this time it is your pot that s/he has taken. I only hope we someday catch the b…..d.

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