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Oh, the Weather Outside’s Delightful

18 August 2009

Can’t really complain about summer in Iowa this year — there was one week of terrible heat when we were on our Southwest Adventure (so it’s like it didn’t even happen, for us), and another 3 days or so of 100-degree days a week ago. Other than that, it’s been mid 80s, low humidity, and plenty of both rain and sunshine. I’ve been able to work outside many mornings, and just hang out on either the front or back porch in the afternoons and evenings.

The girls came back from their 3-week jaunt to DC and my family on Saturday. It’s good to have them home, no doubt about that — but it sure was nice having just the Consort and me around. At least we know that when they are both off to college (in 5 short years, they keep reminding me), the Consort and I won’t be falling into the statistic of couples with grown children, whose relationship has nothing in common other than raising the kids, anymore.

I also noticed that I only had to refill the toilet paper in the upstairs bathroom once in those 3 weeks (unlike the three-rolls-a-week minimum we have up there most of the time). Gee willikers, those girls use a lot of paper! I think we’re going to need to have a talk about the number of squares necessary for an adequate wiping job…

School starts late this year: not until next Thursday (and the Consort’s semester begins on Monday — three days earlier than the girls). So I think I’ll be spending more time outdoors, savoring as much of this nice weather and these relaxed unharried last days of summer break.

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