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Two Little Chickens, Sitting on a Fence…

11 June 2009

10 June 2009

A couple weeks ago, the Consort and I were talking about how I am more of a cat person, and he’s more of a dog person (even though the cat ADORES him). Neither of these statements were a surprise, in fact, it’s something we’ve known for a long time.

The other day, when I was sitting in the yard, doing what I have been doing a lot lately*, the Consort had an epiphany: He said that, even more than a cat person, I really seem to be a chicken person!

I think it’s more that I love observing animal behavior: I like noticing any animal’s personality quirks, and thought processes at work — it’s really fascinating.

Anyway, yesterday I noticed the chickens on the bench under the plum tree:

Two little chickens, sitting on a bench

They sit next to each other, nibbling at the leaves of the branch that comes out as far as the bench. That was really funny to me — chickens sitting down to have a snack. Ahuva quickly got up and turned around (the better to see what I was doing) when I returned with the camera, and Killer just waited to see what Ahuva would decide they should do: run away or stay and nibble?

*Observing/interacting with the chickens, of course!

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