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Four Things For You Today

22 January 2009
  1. During Impera’s fiddle lesson the other day, I read an O magazine that was in the waiting area. One of the hints they gave in order not to look old was to use an appropriate bra. An appropriate bra is one that holds the girls in the middle of the area between your shoulder and your elbow. According to this rule, my bra is appropriate.
  2. I do not like the phrase “the girls” in reference to breasts. It sounds tacky to me. Also, considering I am constantly talking about the girls (i.e., my daughters), the breast phraseology makes me self-conscious about my normal usage of that phrase: “I took the girls shopping”, “The girls were jumpy today”, “I hugged the girls and then everything felt better”. You see?
  3. Speaking of feeling old, I just got off the phone with a customer service agent, and she called me “dear”. This woman sounded my age, if not a bit younger than me. What the heck? I am only 41, and I have always felt my voice sounded young (in truth, childish). Maybe the appropriate bra is squeezing my ribcage and making my voice waver? (I am being facetious here; I truly believe my bra is appropriate and not too tight.)
  4. A phrase I would be happy to never hear again, moreso than “the girls” is the Beuller-esque “anyone? anyone?” *  that is so en vogue in  online media these days. Enough already. It wasn’t incredibly hilarious back in the eighties, and now it has been done to death. Cut it out!

* If you are among the lucky who do not recognize this, there is a video clip here (starts at about 0:43).

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  1. 22 January 2009 1:46 pm

    1. that sounds like a weird way to check.
    2. i’m glad. the phrase jarred in 1. it didn’t sound like you. a girl in work uses that phrase in such things as ‘girls’ night out’ when she’s wearing a low-cut top on a night out. it freaks me out. and me and my sisses are the girls, too. we just are. we’re not breasts!
    3. heh. my hubby calls people darling and i cringe every time. i know he means it nicely… but he doesn’t hear how patronising it sounds. and i haven’t got the heart to tell him after like 9 years.
    4. i don’t think i’ve heard that. if it’s that annoying, i’m not clicking through 🙂

  2. 23 January 2009 2:01 am

    I’ve never seen that movie, and never noticed that phrase.

    OTOH, the phrase “the girls” is a common one in our house too, and one more thing I have in common with our new President and First Lady. When I met her, we immediately started talking about raising our girls–she congratulated me on having completed that task. Ha!

  3. 25 January 2009 12:50 pm

    Ferris Bueller was on tv a couple of nights ago. We watched it until the point where it becomes unwatchable. Remember when Ben Stein was just an amusing character actor and not a freaky right wing devil? Remember when women’s clothes all had gigantic shoulder pads?

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