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100 Things, part 1

20 November 2008

I realized that NaBloPoMo would be a great time to try to complete that 100 things about me list that is all over the Internet. I hadn’t done it yet because finding 100 things at one sitting was daunting, and I didn’t want to have “filler” lines like some people have. So I’m just tossing out whatever comes to mind, in smaller chunks.

When this is all done, I’m sure I’ll reorganize them into a more organized list. I’m sure.

  1. I am the oldest of four girls. 
  2. I exhibit every single quality of first children, both the good and the bad. (Responsibility? Absolutely. Perfectionism? You got it [actually, I got it, but you know what I mean].)
  3. The women in my family have moved with their families to exotic places, where they didn’t speak the language, and made a home for them there: My grandmother and grandfather moved to the Belgian Congo with my father and uncle; my mother and father moved us to the United States. 
  4. I suppose by moving with my family to the wilds of the Midwest, I am following in their footsteps 😉
  5. I can’t take a bath without washing it out first. I wouldn’t be able to relax thinking about the soap scum and sloughed off skin cells and hair that would be floating in my water, otherwise.
  6. The only recipes I know by heart are crepe batter and pizza dough.
  7. The sex is much better at 40 than it was at 30.
  8. I have a very good memory. It gets me into trouble sometimes.
  9. I have a very powerful sense of smell. If I were a dog, I would probably be a bloodhound. 
  10. I also have really sensitive ears. If something in the house is making a repetitive noise, I will hear it: in the middle of the night, down two flights of stairs, behind three stacks of boxes. I will hear it and it will drive me nuts!
  11. My godmother was a super cool woman, and I loved hanging out with her when I visited Belgium. She kept me sane through crazy times, even though I saw her for only 4-6 weeks a year and didn’t write or talk to her in between.
  12. It makes me sad to think that I’ll never be someone’s godmother, because I would have loved to share that gift of specialness to someone else.
  13. I love word games.
  14. So when I see a personalized license plate, I stew about it until I figure it out.
  15. I worry about Alzheimer’s, so I do the New York Times sudoku every day. It’s my brain calisthenics.
  16. I love making lists.
  17. I hate IVs. When I interviewed the obstetrician for my first pregnancy (Impera), I told him that if I were in a car accident, I would rather die in the street than be given an IV. He got the message.
  18. I delivered both girls vaginally, without pain killers. (Impera was 10 pounds, 4 ounces; yeah, I like to brag about that one.)
  19. I was the only non-Asian patient of the OB who delivered Impera. He was a young Japanese doctor, and we lived in Palo Alto (home of Stanford University) at the time. All his other patients were wives of Japanese professors/professionals who had moved to the US and wanted someone who spoke their language to deliver their baby. He was the best OB I could have had. You were great, Dr. Inouye!
  20. I love to sneeze.
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  1. Three of Four permalink
    20 November 2008 9:38 am

    I think that #5 is just a proof point of #2 (the line between perfectionist and OCD is very fine and not always clear).

    #7: Thanks for the good news!

    Ref. #12: I firmly believe that specialness comes of the people, not the title. I shared no real special relationship with my godmother; absolutely no relationship at all with my godfather. I did (and still do) have special relationships with other adults [Three of Four types as if she herself isn’t one now!] who found a way to share those gifts with me regardless of “title.” In other words, true “godparents” aren’t always the ones on the baptismal certificate.

  2. Peaceable Imperatrix permalink*
    20 November 2008 1:02 pm

    Well I think that #5 is proof of an overactive imagination!

  3. 20 November 2008 5:42 pm

    I got stuck on #1, being the 3rd of 6 girls….

  4. 20 November 2008 7:38 pm

    Re #10: I have that. It is not a good thing.

    Re #18: Holy crap. Matt was 9 lbs., 11 oz. and I was sniveling until the C-Section drugs hit.

  5. Peaceable Imperatrix permalink*
    21 November 2008 7:28 am

    Ellie: I know, I read the story on your blog — that’s amazing!

    Kathy: But you see, a c-section would have required an IV drip, right? And I really really really really didn’t like those.

  6. 21 November 2008 9:49 am

    Re #12: Do you know Jack Kent’s book Clotilda? (It’s a bit obscure. If my mother-in-law hadn’t been his editor, I probably wouldn’t have heard of it.) It’s awfully sweet. Clotilda is a fairy who wants to be someone’s godmother. Sylvia loves this book.

    Sylvia doesn’t have a godmother and would probably love to have one (especially of the fairy variety). So if you want the job… 🙂

    I do the lists and license-plate figuring, too. And I also opted for a drug-free birth. Sylvia was born at a birth center and came out at 10 lbs, 22 in–to the great astonishment of the midwife.

  7. 21 November 2008 4:50 pm

    haha. PI thinks perfectionism is the worst trait of first children!

  8. 23 November 2008 5:04 am

    How old were you when you left Belgium? Do you speak with an accent? Were you Flemish or Walloon? (I’m guessing Walloon, by your name.)

    There; that’s three more for you to add to your next list.

  9. 1 December 2008 5:05 pm

    About #7: yes. Definitely. And I’m so glad.

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