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Leaf Harvest

1 November 2008

Pine needle bags

Today we announced a Family Chore afternoon, and prepared the back yard for winter. We collected the apples off the ground, many “to keep and use” and even more “to compost”. Needles from under the towering pine were raked and collected into bags for the city to pick up. Leaves from the remaining trees (and they are many!) were raked into piles, and those piles moved to the leaf bin by the kitchen compost, to be used as brown matter in layering our compost for the next 11 months.

Tomorrow, we tackle the front yard.

And so begins November. And so begins National Blog Posting Month.

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  1. 1 November 2008 6:02 pm

    I love using my leaves for compost.

  2. 2 November 2008 8:21 pm

    The city picks up the leaves? My. my.
    We don’t rake here. JB runs over the leaves with the mulching blades on the mower and we let them lie.

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