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One Local Summer, Week I-Don’t-Remember

17 July 2008

The Purity Springs trip got my schedule for OLS out of whack, but this week we had a feast!

Farmers market haul

Last summer, one of the farms was selling teeny-tiny artichokes (chokes in Vermont? No way!). This year, their artichokes are a very reasonable size. So how could we resist? We bought four (one for each of us). I steamed them, with a bay leaf and a garlic clove in the water, and we ate them with garlic butter (the classic), and I also made some balsamic mayonnaise to try something new (I thought it tasted good; I don’t think the girls even tried it — they are sticklers for routine, those two).

I sliced up the zucchini very thinly, and sauteed them with half a tomato and some basil. Then I made a big huge Greek salad — lettuce, tomato, cucumber, a generous sprinkling of rosemary, and some delicious feta from the Vermont Butter and Cheese Company. Drizzle on some oil and vinegar, and you’re done!

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