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Question Week: Day 1

21 April 2008

I can’t believe I forgot to mention here that Impera was spending the week in Iowa, and traveled all by herself, with a connection in Chicago. Anyway, she did. We weren’t worried — both the Consort and I traveled alone as kids, and she’s thirteen — almost not a kid any longer. I picked her up at the airport last night, and I think she was pretty tired. I know she had a great time, but I think she needs 24-48 hours to recuperate from all the fun and sleeplessness.

This week I have to get down to work — I sorta took last week as my Spring Break as well. But I didn’t want to ignore the blog, so I decided that there were several questions I’ve been asking all of you in my head during the course of my days. This week, I’ll be writing them down here. Perhaps you’ll answer?

Today’s question is:

Often, Netflix sends me an email to ask, “Has Yyyy movie arrived yet? Did it arrive Tuesday or Wednesday?” They say it’s to improve customer service, but Ithink it’s so that they’ll know whether to slow up shipping the DVDs to us (if they get here too promptly, you see).

So, I just ignore these emails. I figure that’s better than out-and-out lying.

If you happen to have a Netflix account, do you receive these follow-up emails?

Do you tell Netflix how quickly you get a DVD once it has shipped?

Am I being paranoid? (This last one can be answered by anyone, of course, not just Netflix members)

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