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Ess to the Aye to the Enn You Ess

28 March 2008

I’m sorry to have abandoned you this week. I had plans that by today I’d have the next “how to” up. I was being responsible: getting certain projects up and running before I blogged, figuring that if I front-loaded the week with work, then I’d have Thursday and Friday to be free! and creative! and bloggy!

Instead, yesterday was spent drinking tea, dozing, and doing the dreaded saline snort and spit. Today, the girls have another snow day (!!) and I’m going to try to make up for the sleeplessness of last night.

It’s always a tradeoff during a sinus flare-up: do you remain sleepless because you are so clogged up that you can’t breathe and the sinus pressure shrieks you awake, or do you suffer sleeplessness because the pseudoephedrine keeps you jazzed up for hours? Last night, I choose the pseudoephedrine route, so 2:30 a.m. saw me composing long, rambling, confessional blog posts in my head. I kept trying to tell myself to shut up, but I wasn’t very good at listening in my zapped state.

Tonight, for sure, I choose the stuffy route.

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