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The Vagaries of Bone and Tissue

21 February 2008

I had all sorts of plans for the past week. I would knit more on my very exciting changed project (I don’t want to post a picture until it looks really cool. I don’t want you to have to squint to see the neat pattern. You’ll see. Soon!). I was going to continue to practice guitar chords (been back at it for a few weeks now), I was going to write good blog posts.

But none of that was to be. With all the temperature fluctuations up here, we still have huge mountains of snowbanks, but some of it has melted and refrozen into glassy sheets of ice (the snow melts, pools onto sidewalks and driveways, is blocked by those self-same mountains of snowbanks, and overnight those lakes of water freeze smooth). Last Thursday, I slipped and fell onto my right shoulder. My arm ached for a few days, but at this point the bicep pain is mostly gone. The deeper muscle and bone pain, however, is not.

My right side has been trouble for several years now, and although part of me fears that things like swimming, knitting, and typing aren’t good for me, there is no way I will willingly give those up. I just go to the chiropractor, get worked on for a few weeks, and the shoulder/wrist popping goes away. For six months. Until it returns.

I waited until yesterday, then decided I really ought to get back to the chiro. I call, and they are on vacation this week. (The nerve!)

So, no knitting, reduced blogging, no swimming, and no guitar chords. What a wasted week.

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