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Return to Normality

23 January 2008
  • Thank you all for your birthday wishes
  • As Marsha recalled, there are in-laws visiting, and so I decamped to DC for some birthday frivolity this past weekend
  • Hugs from nieces and nephews are wonderful welcomes
  • An evening with the Capitol Steps is a great way to get birthday frivolity started
  • (You really shouldn’t miss their Lirty Dies [unfortunately, the one they performed Friday night, with its talk of licking your peader and keeping soap in your hole, is not available online — but others are!])
  • Even pinko-commies like me will accept and appreciate manicure/pedicures and hour-long massages now and then (when they are gifts from other people)
  • Starting an evening with cosmopolitans at a local pub makes younger sisters chatty
  • Continuing an evening with delicious Indian food, and free wine from the waiter, is never bad
  • Choosing to see a movie filmed with a hand-held camera (a la Blair Witch Project) is not such a good idea after said cosmopolitans and wine.
  • Returning from a trip and seeing two large packages from clients on your desk typically means there won’t be much post-frivolity blogging
  • Normal blogging routines will resume next week, I am sure
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