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Sock Saga

4 December 2007

April 2007
“Trixie, it’s your turn for the next pair of socks I’ll be knitting. I’m thinking I could use the yarn I won in the Secret Pal contest, and make up a toe-up, eyelet sock pattern, with a picot edge at the top. What do you think?”

“Cool! That will be great!”

May 2007
“Trixie, can you try this sock on? I think I should start the heel now.”

“No, Mom, make it longer.”

“Trixie, I made it a bit longer, but I’m afraid it’s too big — it fits my foot!”

“Mom! Remember, I have big feet, this will be perfect!”

October 2007

“Trixie, I finally finished your socks! Here, try them on.”

“They are so pretty, Mom. Thanks!”

November 2007

“Hey Trixie, I notice you aren’t wearing your new socks. They’d go really well with those clogs we got you.”

“Uh, Mom? They’re kinda big.”

December 2007

“There! Finally fixed. Here you go. How do they feel? Do they fit?

“Yeah … they fit.”

“What’s wrong? Are they too small now?”

“Oh, no. But they feel like knit socks. You know, not smooth like gym socks.”


(Some notes: These were knit toe-up. When I had to shorten the foot, I cut off the toe [toe-up makes a nasty mess of knots in the toe part, which is unfroggable, so I just cannibalized it], frogged back to where I needed to begin the decreases for a traditional cuff-down 4-needle bind-off toe, put the stitches on needles, and finished it up. Honestly, I know many perfectionist knitters say you can’t knit in the other direction and have it look good, but for these socks, it worked just fine. Especially since I only did the toe in the opposite direction from the rest of the sock.)

(And, in all honesty, she’s been wearing them every day since I finished them, so she really does like them!)

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