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3 December 2007

We had a snowday today. I can’t believe it — I thought New England was tougher than this. Everybody was up by 6:30, and I checked the website. Yep, no school today.

(Funny how if there’s school, Trixie lays abed until 7 on the dot. If it’s a snowday, however, she’s jumping around at 6:32 a.m.)

The first real snow of the season is always fun. You take the time to go outside, play in the snow, and plan a snowball fight (even if the snow it too dry for proper packing — heck, you can always just stuff handfuls of snow in your sister’s hair, after all!)

It has snowed on and off throughout the day, and even at 2:30, big fluffy flakes were covering everything, turning mundane corners into something magical.

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