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Gratitude Griday, No. 2

16 November 2007

I love music. I love listening to music, I love discovering music, and I love making mixes.*

I am grateful that I am alive at a time when it is extremely easy to learn about new music without depending on ClearChannel dronesbroadcast radio.

Thanks to my iPod (curiously missing these past 30 hours [yes, I’m counting in hours], and I’m thinking I may need to worry about this soon), I can have music when I’m practically anywhere.

Thanks to Internet radio, I know that on any given day I will hear something I haven’t heard before.

Thanks to online information tools, I can share music with all of you. No one ever commented on the song I embedded a few weeks ago, so I have no idea if project playlist works. I’m trying again.** I think this song is a great way to start the day. You can almost call it a musical morning blessing. Almost.

Oh. And, may I suggest? Listen to it loud.

*And I know I still owe several of you mixes; this knowledege keeps me up at night (not that I’m looking for sympathy, I totally deserve the insomniac guilt). I dare not say “Soon”, but that’s what I’m thinking.

**The subtle message incorporated in the previous two sentences is: Listen to this and then comment, dagnabbit!

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