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Multimedia argument

17 October 2007

Consider a man, who, during those halcyon pillowtalk days of yore, is told, “You have the largest, brownest eyes I have ever seen. *Sigh* They are so beautiful. Like a big, loveable, puppy dog’s eyes.”

And who responds to his beloved with:

Your eyes remind me of a turtle!

Consider a man, who, upon first hearing this song:


Eeeeesh. She sounds like she was high when she wrote this!

Consider a man, who, when played this capture (from this article) of someone breathing heavy (“light” snoring),

when told this is what he does from time to time, and is asked if this is a good representation of what his beloved does from time to time, replies:

Ummmm. What you do is more what one generally thinks of when one hears the term “snooooorrrrring”.

I ask you, can this man’s judgment be trusted?

Clearly, no.

Right? I mean, gosh—I hate the fact that I have no control over what I sound like when I’m asleep. I hate not being in control, period. But. For full disclosure purposes, when I wailed that now I would never feel comfortable sharing a room with anyone ever again, this selfsame man reassured me that (a) he hadn’t noticed an occurrence of this snoooorrrring in the past year, and (b) it didn’t really matter because he was planning to be the one to share a bed with me for many more decades to come. (Awwwwww. [But I’m still never going to forget the turtle comment!])

Ooooo! And isn’t this embedded playlist thing cool? I think I may have to start using this.

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