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Portrait of the Artist as an Unfocused Woman

11 October 2007

“Wow! Our living room is so bare in our itty bitty sabbatical house. And the walls! They exude such … beigeness.”

“But hark! What do I notice to the side there? Could it be? Yes! It is! It is a framed loon triptych*!

*think* *think* *think*

“I bet I could make a wall hanging to fill that space! Yes, indeed. In fact, I found this cool method for making wavy seams. I could totally make something for that space. Totally. In fact, all I’d need to get started is twelve fabrics!”

“Okay! Let’s get started. Wait—it’s too difficult to wavy-cut 42-inch lengths of fabric. I know, I’ll have 20-inch strips, but I’ll stack them, so I’ll still get 40-inch height.”

*cut, match, sew, iron* *cut, match, sew, iron* *cut, match, sew, iron*

“Grrrrrr. This is taking a looooong time:”

“Gosh, I’m only two thirds of the way done. Hmmm. I know! I’ll just do the last third with the strips going horizontally:”

*cut, match, sew, iron* *cut, match, sew, iron* *cut, match, sew, iron*

“Bored now. What can I do? … Dang! I’ve forgotten to use one of the fabrics! Oooh! I think I have a solution. Tadaaa!”

(And a curse on anyone who even thinks that this looks like an upside-down flag.**)

“Hmmm. This doesn’t look anything like how I envisoined it.

“Urgh. I need a beer. And maybe a multi-day break from this project.”

*No, actually, it isn’t.
**And a pox on anyone who reminds me that originally, this was going to be two strips high. I’m just going to make a wider border than I planned, is all.

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