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Hiking Lessons

17 September 2007

This weekend we went on another hike: This time to Black Mountain. I took a bunch of pictures and you can see the entire set, if you like. (You can even check out the hike collection, if you’re really bored.)

This one was pretty steep climbing. And the steepness wasn’t a big deal, actually. In fact, the cooler weather made it much more pleasant than, say, the Moose Mountain hike we did just a month ago.

The descent, on the other hand, was hell. Oof! My knees! Not pain, really, just muscle annoyance. You’re supposed to go down as slowly as you go up, but where on the ascent lugging your frame up means you’re going as quickly as you can, on the descent you’re holding you body back from gravity, and the power of that restraint is all in your knees.

It made me realize something. You know those childhood stories of adults saying they “had to walk to school, three miles uphill in both directions”? At this point in my life, I would *much* prefer hiking up a mountain both coming and going.

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