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27 July 2007

Originally uploaded by friuduric.

This is Cooper. He’s my sister-in-law’s* toy poodle.

Cooper does not like me.

While we are staying in my SIL’s apartment, I have no washer and dryer, so I’ve been using hers. I try to do my laundry when she and her family aren’t around (we’re already so underfoot, I don’t want to cramp her style overmuch). Last Thursday, they left for a weekend-long horse show, and had taken the dog with them. So I did our laundry in silence.

This Thursday, they were at another horse show, but because it was more local, they left Cooper at home for the day.

Cooper did not appreciate my constant coming and going. He made sure I knew it, too.

But I still did my laundry. 😉

*Yes, I realize it should be sister’s-in-law. And while I do say “sisters-in-law” when I’m talking about the plural (I have two sisters-in-law), it just sounds downright wrong to say “my sister’s-in-law dog”.

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