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Getting Graphic

23 July 2007

Check out my sidebar. It’s getting so crowded, soon you won’t be able to find anything worthwhile there!

I put up one of those flickr badges that cycles through my recent uploads [oooh … aaaah].

I also added a new section called “1,000 Words” (as in: A Picture is Worth…). I plan to create photo sets for each of our hikes/explores [neato!…]. I started by compiling the two from this weekend.

I also thought I’d try to document this upcoming sabbatical year by keeping a photo diary [cooooool!!!!]. You’re supposed to post one picture for every day of the year. Being a family where not only the kids but the adults count time via the academic year, I’ve started this technically about seven months late. (I also don’t stay-stitch pattern pieces before sewing them together, OR have ever done a full 4-inch knitting swatch, OR back up my computer on a regular basis, OR floss every day. I do what I can, when I can.)

If I keep this up, you are welcome to browse over there whenever you like. And you’ll get MORE Imperatrix for the price of one!

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