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Calling All Cat Lovers

4 June 2007

This cute little kitty’s been hanging around our neighborhood lately:

He’s quite a sweetie. Loki doesn’t mind sharing the backyard with him, and he’s very friendly. (Note in that first picture, he’s right at our front door.) When he’s hungry, though, he lets you know! I was under the impression that he was owned by the neighbors. It seems, however, that the Consort believed the kids when *they* said the kitty was theirs. I checked with the adults in the house, and they said, “Nope, not ours.” (Note to self: Your spouse is way too trusting of others.) I have never done this before, but late last week I gave in and put some food for him on the porch when he let me know through the window that he needed something to eat:

I think he’s probably about 6 months old. The Consort thinks he’s an adult, but, being a verifiable alley cat, has stayed on the small side. The girls want to keep him, but for two reasons, I said “No.” #1: I made a rule a long time ago that we’d only have one of any type of pet. (In the Consort’s family, there were always tons of pets. My MIL, as a dog breeder, has more dogs than you can count — and that’s just the house dogs.) #2: We’ll be leaving on sabbatical soon, and it’s already going to be a squeeze driving out East with a dog who hates car rides, a cat who’ll be zonked out with valium (I’ve already got the pills), and a rabbit.

But this one’s really adorable. Anybody want a cat? (Cate?………)

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