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Thanks, Secret Pal!

29 May 2007

With all the Friday excitement, and the Saturday return of the Consort, I haven’t had a chance to thank my Secret Pal for the treats I received in the mail!

Continuing with this season’s bag theme (I’ve been knitting and sewing up a bunch, remember?), my Pal sent me a ChicoBag: it’s made of recycled plastic, and folds up into its own little pouch, so you can keep it in a pocket until you need it. There were also an assortment of taffys, that came in (I think, because when I opened my package, I dumped everything out) in a cute bumblebee drawstring bag (did you make that, SP?). The little blue box came with a windchime tucked inside (hung on a paintbrush across a vase for your viewing pleasure),and she also included two neat vintage buttons (I’ll have to find a project to put those butone to good use!), and a Dover coloring book (which Trixie thinks will be great! — But I think I’ll be coloring some of them, too).

And, do you see that sock back there? The package included several sock patterns, as well as direction for making toe-up, short-row heel socks.

Yahoo! Toe-up is so easy! I don’t know what made me afraid to try it before. And short-row heels are so pretty (compared to the heel-flap I’ve been doing). The yarn is the Brawny colorway of Spaghettoni. Maybe because of its name, but Trixie and I totally see a spaghetti and meatball dinner in this yarn: the browned meatballs, the red tomato sauce, the red pepper flakes, the oregano and basil, and, of course, the pasta! I’m already done with one sock, and have completed the toe of the second.

Thanks, Secret Pal! Your treats have kept my mind off the fact that the guy who crashed into our fence ended up not having insurance. (After talking to the insurance guy, I decided not to file a claim at this time. With deductible and the loss of our claim-free creadit [for three years], it just didn’t make sense to file. This morning the Consort and I purchased all the materials twe need to start putting it back up ourselves.)

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