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Now THIS was Not a Drill

24 May 2007

A few weeks ago, I shared the story of the SWAT team that came to practice on my street. Ha, ha, we all had a good laugh about me coming home to an armored van and a bevy of black-suited beetle-headed officers of the law with assault rifles.

Today, while working in the office, I hear police sirens, and they sound like they’re getting closer. And closer. Then making that “BEEEooooop” noise that sirens make when they are turned off right outside your house. Being the neighborhood nosy-body, I felt it was my duty to go outside and see what was going on. As I step out the front door, I notice the flashing lights to my left, just around the corner. “Hm,” I say to myself, “if I walk down the sidewalk, I might get in the way. Oh! I know! I’ll just go out through the back and look out from my yard. That way I can satisfy my curiosity while not bothering the Law.”

I step out onto the back porch, and, yep, I’ll be able to get a good look at the activity, because there’s a swarm of officers right by my back fence.

No–wait a minute–they aren’t BY my back fence … they’re AT my back fence! Holy jimminy! What the hell happened?

The lovely Narcotics Officers informed me that there had been a sting operation, and the suspect attempted to take off when the jig was up.

“There’re loads of hundred-dollar bills in his car!” one of them shouted to another.

Ummm, do you guys think I could take a few of those to take care of fixing my fence?


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