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They Make it So Easy for Us, It’s Almost Not Fair!

17 April 2007

Iowa City, Ia. – Latinos and immigrant-support groups said they are appalled at a University of Iowa College Republicans event Thursday that would pit “illegal immigrants” against the “border patrol” in a game of capture-the-flag.

The event at 5 p.m. in City Park is meant to call attention to the need for tougher immigration laws, said Greg Baker, a U of I sophomore from Earlham and president of the College Republicans.

“Immigration is becoming a very huge issue, similar to abortion. People feel very strongly about it,” Baker said. The game “takes a serious issue that people argue over and uses a nice, fun way to get the idea across.”

Uh, not really (unless your definition of “nice” involves cultural insensitivity,parochial thinking, and just plain rudeness). You people are the cream of the crop of the Future of the Republican Party? Good lord.

The goal is to cross the dividing line representing the United States-Mexican border and capture the other team’s flag.

As the Consort asked this morning, what exactly would the US team capturing the Mexican flag represent? (I don’t know, were they snuck into the Axis of Not So Evil, But We Could Definitely Kick Their Butt?)

I would have labeled this as Io-whaaat?, but it seems this genius idea has been tried on campuses around the US. Full article here.

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