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SP10 Contest #1

23 March 2007

Several of the Secret Pal hostesses, including mine, are running a contest right now. It’s Friday, I’ve got nothing scintillating to blog about, Spring Break is coming to an end (*sob*), so here is my entry.

1. You must have your questionnaire posted where your pal can easily find it.

I posted my letter just a few days before this round started, and you can read it here.

2. I’d like to see what you’re all working on! Please make a post, where you pick one of your favorite current projects and explain why you love it so much! What yarn and pattern are you using? Who is it for??

One of my favorite current projects”?! Hah! I am typically a one-project-at-a-time gal. I did spend some time last week knitting some stuff for my spoilee (to be blogged about another day). But really, the only thing I’ve been working on lately is this:

Looks like a big glob of nothing, right? Wrong! Here’s a closeup:

Do you see it yet? No? Well, how about if I zoom in a bit more and boost the color (you may have to squint your eyes, too):

See? It’s three scallop shells! Yep, I’m probably about halfway done with the Fiber Trends Seascape Shawl. I’m using KnitPicks Shimmer in Deep Woods (I find it humorous that I’m making a sea shawl in woods color). It’s variegated, so I’m afraid the design won’t be as visible as it could be (and dang it, I warned myself against using variegated yarn in a lace project when I finished my socks last spring! [I should pay attention when I give advice]).

I’m enjoying this project because I’m learning so many new skills: it’s my first full-length lace project, I’ll also have to make I-cord (which, believe it or not, I’ve never done before), and do some picot edging.

And it is going to be for me. Me, me, me!

Now, to get it finished before the season’s over…

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