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14 March 2007

There was a friend of Trixie’s whose family would do Hi/Lo at dinner every night: What was the high point of your day, what was the lowest. Here are my Hi/Lo from last night:

Going to the all-city invitational middle school music concert last night and seeing so many different kids doing something they love: playing music. Being happy that I live in a multicultural city where I would see:

  • Every continent represented. From helping out in the schools, I know a number of them are first-generation immigrants, too.
  • The Surfer Dude (although where he catches wave here in the midwest, I don’t know) playing violin.
  • The two girly-girls playing bass.
  • The kid with the shaved head (except for a small topknot’s-worth, which was strategically laying right down in front of his eyes) playing viola.
  • Girls represented in all instrument sections, even the traditionally “male” percussion section.
  • Boys represented in all instrument sections, even the traditionally “female” flute section.
  • Watching the percussionists move from snare drum to xylophone to snake shaker, all within a single piece.

    The two-days’ worth of warm weather we’ve had, which means all sorts of people are spending more time outside and thus I would hear:

  • Speakerboxes booming at 9:00 pm.
  • Cars honking at 9:30 pm because the drivers are too lazy to go ring the darn bell.
  • Big dogs barking at 9:45 pm, because their owners figure it is warm enough out that they can stay out there for a while.
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