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Rosqro the Rat, July 2005–4 March 2007

5 March 2007

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Rosqro “Rossi” the Rat . She died quietly in her sleep during the night, after having enjoyed Saturday evening watching Twelve Angry Men with her family. The death was unexpected and quick. Her owner, Trixie, shed many tears despite her family’s assurances that there was no blame to be taken in this death.

Saved from an infancy of despair as a potential snake meal from a local pet shop, Rosqro grew up with a cheery disposition. She was always looking for fun, and her easy-going nature won over everyone who met her. She never complained that her name was misspelled more often than not (her name, spoken “Ross-cue-roe” would often be written R-o-s-c-u-r-o, despite the fact that it is perfectly within reason for it to be spelled, as it should be, as Ros-q-ro). She was always happy to eat the apple cores and vegetable bits brought to her, and loved to clean off her office-mate’s desk of cracker crumbs whenever she was let out for a romp.

Rosqro will remain in state at the Chest Freezer Morgue until spring thaw allows for a proper burial in the garden.

Cheerful officemate, exuberant playmate, faithful confidante. She will be missed by all.
Rest in Peace, Rossi.

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