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Why I Like Snow

18 January 2007

This is the last of the Secret Pal questionnaire things for my group. I don’t know why I keep entering these things (contests) because I never win. The Publisher’s Clearance House sweepstakes in 1999? A bust. The $360 million Powerball jackpot with which I was going to buy a French chateau and escape a second Bush & Co. term in November 2004? Some group of waitresses won. (Or something; the point was, they weren’t me.) But, hope springs eternal (she says in her elitist way).

So, some of the reasons I like snow:

  • It makes the world around you seem magical.
  • It muffles everything, and, if you’re lucky, you get to experience *hushhhhhhh*.
  • It covers the leaf mulch pile, the sleeping garden, and other garden messes.
  • It uncovers the pathways of the animals in your world: The birds under the birdfeeder, the cat’s path along his territory, the squirrel’s nut meanders.
  • But most of all, it *sparkles*.
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