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They Made, I Made

4 December 2006

This weekend was the dog’s birthday: Zephyr turned 6. So the girls went online and found a recipe for dog cake (does it boggle anyone else’s mind that there are recipes out there for dog cake?) They bought the ingredients, baked it (for an hour the kitchen reeked of meat [the batter was made with meat baby food and beef broth]), cooled it, and frosted it. They used cottage cheese for the frosting (rather than yogurt, which was the other option) because supposedly cats can eat the cottage cheese, but not the yogurt (to which I say, “huh?”) (plus, I told them I wouldn’t be very happy if they used the yogurt I had just made to decorate the dog’s cake!) Then, they had the party (you can click on any picture to see larger images):

DSC01238.JPGThis is the dog thinking, “Hmm, it smells delicious, but—whoa, nelly!—there’s FIRE all around it!”

DSC01240.JPGHere is Zephyr deciding that yes, she can definitely get used to this birthday thing.

As I mentioned, the girls made sure the cake would be cat-friendly, because Loki was the other guest at this celebration. What did he think of the dog birthday cake? Let’s see:

DSC01243.JPG “Excuse me, but can you please get this ‘stuff’ out of my bowl and fill it with my kibble? Look, it’s right here to my left. Sigh, you humans and your silly notions!”

And here is something I’m putting in my Secret Pal’s December package (which I hope to get out the door today).


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