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Peaceable Imperatrix: Answering Your Questions Since 2005

10 October 2006

What is an imperatrix, you ask? Considering this blog was the first site returned on that query, clearly I am the embodiment of imperatrix.

Bosoms? Actually, yes (otherwise I’d be an imperator). But you won’t see pictures here.

Sometimes, an imperatrix participates in a secret pal game, and she may even sneak in a picture of what she made for her pal on her flickr site and will be mailing out later today. You never know. Imperatrixes are tricksy that way.

Can you saute okra? Sure, but remember that sauteeing will release its unique mucilaginous juice. I happen to like that, but some don’t. (For those people, you can bake the okra in a corn pudding.)

And, to the seeker who wondered why okra is not good for the heart, can I just say: Begone, ye of little faith! Don’t be trying to use me for your weak excuses not to eat healthy!

Lastly, to the person searching for foot phobias: Thank you for bringing to my attention this lapse on the part of Google. I will contact them immediately. It isn’t that I have a foot phobia, it’s that some people have foot philia (Podephilia, perhaps? Philiapods? Philiapodes?).

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