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Word Wednesday: The Return

13 September 2006

I’ve been wanting to bring back Word Wednesdays. Hmmm. But today is Finish a Project, Mail It Out, And Clean Out that Pigsty You Call an “Office” Day.

Because I wouldn’t be able to blog effectively today anyway, I share a word for your word-a-day calendar:

Trichotillomania is an impulsive control disorder defined as irresistible urge to pluck one’s own hair to achieve a sense of relief. The behavior is often concealed and hence the diagnosis is a difficult one to make.

Can you use it in a sentence?

“Jeannine thought she hid her trichotillomania well, but really, how many people have no eyelashes whasoever, naturally?” (Yeah, her eyes look like a frog’s.) {She just wants attention, that little such-and-such.} [Wait — Is that what that word means? I thought it was someone who was good at sneaking cash from the register!]

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