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Random Fridayness

8 September 2006

OK, enough with the food, already. Today, two brief things. One political, one not.


I thought you all should know that all that money thrown at Homeland Security is not in vain:

BBC news reported this week that “the US Homeland Security and Justice departments said they had disrupted ‘one of the largest … smuggling schemes uncovered in recent US history.'” In fact, the article title says DHS and DOJ “smashed” the ring.

Holy cow! Alright! This is great! All that money thrown at the Department of Homeland Security is good for something. And something important, to boot!

… What? … Oh, what kind of smuggling, you ask? Arms? Drugs to be sold for revenue for Al Qaeda? Of course not. This is much more important than silly terrorism stuff, you nincompoop. This was smuggling that put in jeopardy the backbone — nay, the heart! — of what it means to be American.

It was counterfeit merchandise smuggling. Nike Air Jordans, to be exact.


Do you like OK Go? Not sure? Well, then — you should watch this. (This is a link to youtube, so those of you who work for The Man should wait until you get home tonight.)

I’m seeing a new Olympic sport in this.

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