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Child Worker Laws in Iowa

15 August 2006

The beauty of it is, there are none! So we can have our children do this:

And tell them they have to smile while they are doing it:

I am busy doing work, with more surprises added in for extra stress-ness. This afternoon, I am going for a vision check-up. They will give me those stinging fuzzy-drops, and then expect me to drive home without crashing into anything. I haven’t replied ot people’s comments, so I will just do it here: Secret Pal, I wish I could do the Colbert thing, but, seeing as we don’t even get Basic Basic cable anymore, I don’t get how to do it. I have never seent he Colbert Report, although from what I hear it is better than I thought it would be considering Colbert’s “persona” on the Daily Show (which I loved and watched nightly, until we got rid of Basic cable 3 years ago). KW, I figure my duty is done when I name 5 people to do the meme. If you don’t play along, no problem. (You’re one of those people who broke chain letters, too, aren’t you! [Psst, I was, too.]) e, I’ll be looking forward to seeing your take on the meme. KathyR, thanks for playing, I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to tell you so on your site.

I’ve got tomorrow’s post planned out. Let’s see if I can get it together to post it!

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