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Youtube Find: Edited

5 July 2006

Three of Four noted in the Comments the other day that because the U.S. invaded Iraq and made a mess there, there is a responsibility to stay and fix the problem that was created. I used to feel that way, too. However, I do not believe that this administration can fix it, and I am also not sure that a subsequent administration will be able to do anything about it, either (I mean, gods almighty, Kerry is thinking of running again [blech!], as is Edwards [hock-ptui!]. Who is there anywhere in the U.S. who could make a significant difference?)

Including all the reservations of Saddam’s iron-fisted leadership, let’s remember though that before March 2003, there was no Al Qaida presence in Iraq, women had a significant amount of freedom, there was a working infrastructure, and the streets were safe. Now, the reverse is true on every point.

Things are only spiraling out of control now, and the reputation of the U.S. military and the U.S. government in Iraq is hemorrhaging. In an interview last week with a retired Air Force JAG (is that the correct terminology?), he said that the international repercussions of Guantanamo will be felt not only in this generation, but in our children’s generation.

I have no answers.

And here is the video mentioned in the title today. I came across it earlier today. (I even bought the music, afterwards.)

* If you can’t see the video as embedded, then you can use this link:

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