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16 May 2006

May 2006 will be remembered to me as “The Month of Antibiotics.” You know that sinus infection that knocked me out the first weekend of the month? Well, the amoxicillin I was prescribed didn’t work at all, so on Tuesday the 9th I was started on the 5-day Zithromax antibiotic.

Well, that got rid of the incredible tooth pressure, but since that first weekend, I haven’t been able to hear out of my right ear. I went back in this morning, and yes, I am still congested (oh, really? Ya could’ve fooled me!). I have just begun a 2-week run of Augmentin (aka, “the horse pill antibiotic.”)

The Neighborhood House Tour is in 2.5 weeks, so although the painting of the living room and dining room is going well, I can’t really dilly-dally (have I mentioned that the Consort would like to put up a railing around our back porch next weekend, and maybe squeeze in refinishing the wood floors?). I expect to hear from the kitchen cabinet manufacturer today about the delivery date for our new cabinets (it is supposed to be next Tuesday).

Oh, and last week I agreed to take on a proofing project for a prof at the Consort’s university. Which I haven’t started yet. And is due on Monday.

Sorry I’m not a more thrilling blogger these days. But I will post before and after shots once the new colors are on the walls!

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