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Help Needed: Debunking "Classics = Sad Ending"

13 April 2006

Remember how a few days ago I mentioned that teen books had a tendency to have depressing endings? Well, maybe you don’t, but I did. Anyway, Impera wants to know if any classics have a happy ending. I suggested A Christmas Carol, but that didn’t seem to do it. I also said I thought Treasure Island might have a happy ending, but I think there were some peripheral deaths? (It was never one of my favorites.) Jane Eyre turns out happy for *Jane*, but at the expense of that poor mad wife; Wide Sargasso Sea did nothing to change my views on that. (Although I will admit I went to see that movie *without knowing what it was all about* — it just seemed like a neat way to spend an afternoon. My gasp at the end when it becomes clear who these characters really are was audible. I may have embarrassed my friend Jen, but the Consort was unruffled by my outburst.) Even Little Women is bittersweet.

So, help me out folks. Any classics with happy endings? I’m sure I’ll have alot of “d’uh” moments as I read your suggestions, but I just can’t wrap myself around this one.

Oooo! And as I write, I realize we can put Jane Auten novels in the happy camp. Next?

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