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I’m Not Complaining, But…

27 March 2006

When one is trying to do taxes, which includes tallying up what household expenses can be applied to costs of running a business with a home office, the following REALLY doesn’t help:

Prior Account Balance: 55.04
Payments Received: 57.02
Total New Charges: 47.69


The most annoying problem: That the number I am looking for (Total New Charges) is often not the largest number on the page.

The most confusing problem: Weird numerology payment systems. Now, I understand sometimes it is easier to round up and pay a check for $56, rather than $55.04, and that would still be a PITA since it will mess up the next month’s payment (and I would still have to look for the tiny Total New Charges rather than the large Total Amount Due). But why would writing a check for $57.02 to cover a statement for $55.04 make things easier for anyone?

Did I mention that the Consort is in charge of paying bills?

Not that I’d ever, in a million years, want to take over that chore. He does a fantabulous job! Yes, indeedy!

But why $57.02?

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