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31 January 2006

Consider, if you will, the following *exact* quote:

“If it looks like someone has run rampage thrice and again in my room, it isn’t my fault — the dog and cat were chasing each other in there”

What if you knew that this was a 9-year-old talking? Would you be worried? *I’m* not worried, but would the general population think that we are allowing too much Role Play Gaming in our household? As I’ve mentioned before, we’re each in the middle of a Neverwinter Nights adventure. But it’s only a hour a day, *if* they have time, after chores, homework, and other activities.

Now, add in the fact that the girls are both really into the Fencing Club they joined in the Fall. And that they *love* attending Ren Faires. . . Would the general population think we are allowing our escapism to…, well,… run rampant?

If we stop answering the phone and email, shout “Have at thee, foul knave!” to ruffians in the street, and greet you with a “Well met!”, *then* you should worry.

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