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Back in the Saddle Again…

28 December 2005

Yikes! I haven’t posted in six days! Sorry about that to all those who have been coming to see wassup. The frivolity of the season just took over. (That means there was WAY too much chocolate!*)

One of the nice things about freelancing is that you can work from anywhere, pick your time off… but it also means that when you stay close to home, and the rest of the family is on vacation, you still have to make your deadlines. Bummer. But that’s OK, I guess. Because it means that the Imperatrixes-in-Training can focus on things like Neverwinter Nights and The Sims without their mother saying that we should all go out for a walk, or play a game (“we _are_ playing games, mother!” — but I meant board games, sheesh!). And the Imperator Consort can continue his conquests in Warcraft III without feeling guilty.

Anyway, I should be posting on a regular basis again, starting now. (I’ve got some opinion posts bubbling around that I need to get down in binary [heh heh, lame joke].)

*The Imperator Consort says he wants to invent a carrot and broccoli Christmas treat. Because that way, when you’re putzing around the house over the holidays, and you’ve got a little rumble in your tummy, you can think to yourself, “Golly, I think I’ll have me a little carrot and broccoli Christmas treat!” rather than “Let’s see, I’ve already had five gingerbread men and a handful of coconut sticks. That’s no good, I need a little variety in my diet … I know! I need a couple of mini Toblerone bars!”

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