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The Next Generation is Getting it Right

9 December 2005

Wow. The Elder Imperatrix-in-Training is so amazing. Remember that post a couple days’ back which I suggested she not read? Well, she didn’t read it! She was checking out the blog here in the office, turned to me and said, “So, I shouldn’t read this?” When I told her that she could, but she wouldn’t like it, she shrugged her shoulders and said, “OK, then I won’t read it.”

Boy oh boy, do I need me some of that self-restraint.
“Today I will have no chocolate.”
“Well, I won’t have any more than this piece here.”
“Hmmm, maybe my chocolate-free state will begin tomorrow, so I might as well have three pieces right now.”

Me: “You really shouldn’t do that. It will only make you not happy.”
Myself: “But won’t not doing that make me not happy?”
Me: “Don’t do it, I’m telling you. . . . See, What did I tell you? How do you feel now?”
Myself: “Not happy.”

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