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I Spent My Last $3…

8 December 2005

…on being a community sucker. Some dude (white, kempt, and in his late 30s/early 40s) came up to my door with a gas can in hand, saying his car was out of gas & wouldn’t start. Could I PLEEEEEASE lend him $3-4 , which he would pay back after his car started. So, I had exactly $3 left in my wallet, which I gave him.

It’s been 1 hour, and he’s not back yet. I did see him approach the house across the street, probably to get some cash off them as well.

This being the “transitional” neighborhood that it is, I’m not really surprised that this happened. I do this sort of thing in the belief that I am storing up some good karma for myself and my kin, to redeem at some nebulous point in the future. What? You say karma doesn’t work that way? I can’t keep track of it to withdraw some at a time of my choosing? Oh, well.

The gas can was a nice touch, though.

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