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No Thanks Today

22 November 2005

Well, today I was going to find something else I was thankful for, but I can’t do that when my mail connection is down so I can’t download those 100+ messages of spam I get everyday. I keep checking every 12 minutes (or so) in case they got it online yet, but I haven’t even heard back from my people!

And these are good people, who run an intentional community and all (I won’t link to them right now because this is a bad-mood post, and I wouldn’t want to pass on any negative press or anything).

But, to think that I switched to them to PAY for web space! My previous domain-space outfit had lost my file (I know it because they cc’d me on internal communiques that made this loss abundantly clear to me) so I was still getting email and web space, but I didn’t get a bill in over 18 months. But then I switched to my friends’ server. Just to be nice. Just to help the telecommuting thing work for them. And now, how do they repay me? By going on Thanksgiving break, obviously. Ah, you bleeding-heart liberal, Imperatrix.

[I should say that my “free” web space was unavailable at least once every six weeks, but since I didn’t want them to take too close a look at my account, I would often just bear it for 24 hours or so. And this is the first time in 17 months that I’ve had an unavailable account, so really, I’m just being dramatic.]

I mean, they haven’t responded to the email I sent TWO hours ago. PEOPLE, I have SPAM to delete! Don’t you realize how the only way I can get myself to finish some of the duller articles I have to edit is by promising myself I can check email again, if I just finish the Results section?

(OK, sometimes I break the promise and check for messages before I finish the Results, but don’t worry, I don’t tell the boss-lady. She’s probably at her own desk checking email, too.)

And when NEITHER of us get to check email, WE CAN’T WRITE THANKFUL POSTS!

I ain’t so peaceable right now, let me tell you.

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